11 best content writing tools

11 best content writing tools

Writing content on your website is not a waste of time. If done well with consistency and resilience, it is a tool that is capable of drawing readers’ attention. These readers, in the long run, can be converted into paying customers.

To have excellent content writing, here are a few online tools you can use:

1. Wordrake

When given a content writing task, you want to ensure it is error-free. Wordrake is a tool that provides fast and easy proofreading. Install it on your text editor and get started by clicking on the “rake” button. It suggests some edits live after reading through your work, but you can decide to accept or decline the suggestions made before you submit the task. 

2. Grammark

This tool makes visible spelling errors, word count, and more. Good news! – it is elementary to use, just copy and paste your content in the text box and you are good to go. 

3. Write My Essay Today

To have great content, you need another eye to read through your work. The content you believe has been written well can be full of oversight errors when a proofreader reads through. While real people are unavailable to proofread your work, Write My Essay Today proofreaders can perform equal service.

4. Grammarly

An uncorrected error made when writing content is a bad omen to your business, which you must avoid at all costs. Grammarly is a free online tool you can use to proofread and improve your writing skill. 

5. Edit Minion

This is also a proofreading tool that has an exceptional feature of finding and weeding out weak words, passive voice, clichés, and more.

6. Paper Rater

To save yourself from being accused of plagiarism, here is a critical tool. You can engage it to know if any section of your writing has been written previously by another writer.  The tool will also let you know if your article is closely related to an existing piece.

7. Writerformypaper 

As a content writer having different tasks to perform with similar deadlines, you are likely to have little or no time for proofreading before publication. Writerformypaper can save you a lot of stress by proofreading for you, thereby leaving you with enough time to meet your deadlines.

8. Slick Write

This tool has excellent features, like checking grammar and spelling errors. It suggests edits with a “flow” section that can give you information on how to read your work easily.

9. Grammar Check

As the name implies, this tool helps in checking spelling and grammar errors, thereby improving your writing skill.

10. UK Writings

This tool allows you to proofread your work together with a professional proofreader.

11. Hemingway Editor

This tool checks grammar and spelling errors. It highlights and colors any errors detected and makes them glaring for editing. This makes your work better, and your writing strengthened.

All these online tools are used for proofreading and checking grammar and spelling errors. Giving these a try will land you an excellent content writing experience.

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