5 Ways to Add Elegance to Your Wardrobe in 2020

5 Ways to Add Elegance to Your Wardrobe in 2020

Fashion is something that not everyone has the time to stay on top of. With trends changing on what can seem like a daily basis, often it’s best to create your own sense of style, staying true to that and swapping in and out pieces that are in vogue at that moment in time. Of course, finding your own sense of style and figuring out what the image is that you want to project is something that can take months, even years to figure out. 

If 2020 is the year you’ve decided you want to bring some elegance into your look and wardrobe, then these five tips and pieces will be a must-have in your fashion arsenal.

Upgrade Your Jewellery Collection

A great place to start is with your jewellery collection. Jewellery often acts as the topper to any outfit; it helps to add personality, style, and it can up the elegance of your look. Rather than picking up trending pieces, look for elegant and sophisticated items that will never go out of style and will stand the test of time. 

Take these Annoushka earrings as a great example of timeless and elegant jewellery. They have diamond studs, pearl earrings, and various gemstones, all of which add instant sophistication and elegance to your look. Think understated and simple beauty as you pick out that perfect pair, as you want it to be able to work with any outfit.

Scale Back on Accessories

While you’re looking to upgrade your jewellery, you also want to be mindful of just how many accessories you wear on a daily basis. If you’re piling too many pieces together, the end look is anything but elegant, and can even be a bit confusing. Keep in mind that less is often more when you’re going for a classic and elegant look.

Think in Terms of Quality, Not Quantity

Another more general tip is to think in terms of quality not quantity. When building an elegant wardrobe, it’s about picking clothing that is made well and won’t just fall apart the first time you wash the items. Rather than buying a number of cheap pieces, invest in a few high-end pieces that offer mix and match capabilities. 

Choose a Colour Palette

You can also amp up your elegance by choosing a statement colour palette that you will rock. This helps you to choose what pieces to invest in, and allows mixing and matching to be seamless. Over time, this colour palette becomes you – it makes its own statement. Of course,you can always add pops of interest in terms of texture, fabrics, colour, and print, but sticking to that colour palette is key.

Fit is Everything

Finally, there is the fit, and fit is truly everything. You can spend a small fortune on a piece of clothing, but if it doesn’t fit you properly, it’s not going to look elegant and sophisticated. Sometimes this means you won’t be able to just buy off the rack, rather the pieces will need some additional tailoring to fit properly.

By using each of these tips, you’ll be able to amp up your elegance factor in 2020.

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