7 Problems Goth Face on Daily Basis

7 Problems Goth Face on Daily Basis

Being a Goth doesn’t mean you are anti-social or you are a rebel. Sometimes, people like the dressing way or lie some other elements of the sub-culture. Anyways, following we are going to describe common problems goths face daily.

1. People don’t Understand Your Fashion Sense

Maybe people would be ok if you got a little nose hoop. But they don’t like your dark purple and black hair dye. It’s not working for them, and they believe you look hideous in it. The normal person finds it hard to understand why young people don’t want to stuff.

2. Failing to Understand Your Sarcasm

Something as trivial as tripping and falling would become a life-threatening situation. Thanks to your appearance, people will always judge you, and they will blame your clothing style and behavior for your misfortunes. The thing is, people, fail to understand how you see things, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try to explain your point, they will remain stubborn.

3. Makeup and Weather

It’s true when you put up makeup; you have a hard time saving it from bad weather. It doesn’t matter what you do; your makeup will fail against bad weather at a point. So, you better be wary of the weather when you are putting up your makeup. 

Do yourself a favor and go to the cradle of goth clothing store. Get a hat or an umbrella to protect yourself against bad weather.  This brings us to our next point!

4. Makeup Takes Forever to Finish

Ask this to any girl, and she is crying out the same thing, it takes her forever to do her makeup. If you are talking about the Goth subculture, boys are no different; they too have to spend a great deal of time to apply their makeup. Ironically, it just takes a moment for the makeup to get ruined. 

5. Comments and Judgements

The issue with today’s word is that almost everyone has their judgments to pass on others. People are going to give you their advice regardless you need it or not.  People give off ridiculous comments. Goth is a sub-culture; it’s not a cult or a religion. People should do their research before making such remarks.

6. Getting Picked up and Bullied

Bullying begins at home, but it extends to our school and other circles. Goth and EMOs are often the targets of picking up and bullying at school. People bully them for being different. Yes, goths have a hard time in school but as you graduate and grownup, you will see the world isn’t as bad as you thought it to be.

7. Finding Love is Hard!

Don’t worry; it’s hard enough already. But when you join the Goth subculture, it becomes a bit harder. Once again people are going to judge you based on your looks and will likely to reject. Once again you need to be patient, and eventually, you will be rejected. Get over it and move on, the right one will find their way to you.

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