CBD Pet Products for Topical Use

CBD Pet Products for Topical Use

If you haven’t used CBD products by now, you’ve probably heard of them. When science provedits effectiveness, cannabidiol became a highly sought-after substance. It has found applications in medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine.

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Products like CBD oils, pills, treats, and soft pet chews hit the market several years ago. Cannabidiol has been reported to be used in the treatment of animals, but also as an excellent supplement. Since then, this hemp derivative has become available in various forms.

Soothing Irritating Skin

There are many reasons why irritation may occur on your pet’s skin and why they have problems with fur. Some of them are physical injuries, autoimmune diseases, dermatitis, various types of allergies, and even stress. It is the leading cause of hair loss in cats and dogs.

Products like a hemp-based shampoo or conditioner are safe to use whenever your four-legged friend is going to bathe. Skin irritations occur most often as a result of inflammatory processes on or under the skin. 

Cannabidiol will soothe the inflamed area and reduce the pain this condition causes. Other natural ingredients in CBD pet cosmetics (such as aloe vera or vitamin E) will restore the skin’s moisture, elasticity, and help it recover quickly.

The CBD conditioner does not have a profound effect as a shampoo but acts directly on your pet’s hair. Regular use of this preparation will make your four-legged friend’s fur shine again. If the shampoo and conditioner are applied together, the result will be much better. The aesthetic effects are visible too, as the pet’s hair will be shiny and soft.

Topicals for Pain Management

Pain is a symptom of illness, injury, and various inflammatory processes that occur in your pet’s body. When they feel discomfort, the dog or cat may be sad, anxious, or act aggressively. This behavior leads to destruction and can affect the mental health of your beloved pet.

The priority is to find the cause of the pain. If it is a neurodegenerative disease such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, or some physical injury, your furry buddy should start the therapy as soon as possible. You will discuss this with your veterinarian as you should not do the pet’s treatment on your own.

Get advice on hemp-based topicals for animal use. Check several pet brands and view their selection of these products. Always look for those containing full-spectrum cannabinoids (without THC). These hemp derivatives are known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. When applied directly to a painful place (joints, hip, lower back), it will soothe the pain and bring relief to your pet.

Use CBD as Flea Repellent

Fleas are, unfortunately, a frequent companion to furry animals. Apart from being annoying, the bites of these insects are quite painful and irritating to your pet. In order to get rid of fleas, the poor animals will bite and scratch themselves. That can only cause additional skin problems.

Flea bites are very unpleasant as they cause reactions such as irritation, itching, redness, and allergic dermatitis. These insects can often be a carrier of many diseases since they change ‘habitats’ quite often. They can bring with them bacteria that can destroy your pet’s fur, but also cause severe skin issues.

Various chemicals help to prevent and treat these parasites. You probably didn’t know that you can get rid of these parasites totally.  Check here to learn more.  CBD oil (if applied to the skin and fur) is an excellent flea repellent. The smell of CBD oil repels these parasites, so it is best to use it in this form. It can be applied topically, but it has proven to be effective after oral administration too. Cannabidiol reaches the bloodstream very quickly. As fleas suck blood, thiscompound will spoil their meal.

CBD creams, balms, and gels for animal use seem to be slightly neglected relative to edibles and CBD oil. But cannabidiol in the form of topicals has numerous advantages for your pet. Cannabidiol-based products for skin applications are effective and easy to use. These topicalshave a local effect, which is good, especially if you have a cat or dog that is not happy with taking pills or CBD oil.

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