Getting a Custom Patch? Make Sure To Choose the Right Backing

Getting a Custom Patch? Make Sure To Choose the Right Backing

Trending in 2019, there has been an ongoing hype of customizing almost every single thing you own.  From customized wedding rings to shoes to phone covers and nails, recently, a new favorite has become customizing patches. These patches are often seen starring proudly on jackets, pants, shirts, and even bags, as they are seen a way of self-expression; a way that allows your accessories to speak while you remain silent. These custom patches have a diverse range in which they vary. While some can show an individual’s support to a certain sport clubs, others can be a representation of their life motto or their favorite symbol— it goes all ways. In simpler words, there is no limit to these custom patches as they tend to cater to all needs.

However, since they do come in such a diverse range, it can be hard to choose the ideal custom patch and its backing for your personal liking. A custom patch can have a backing that can either be an adhesive, Velcro piece, or an iron on, the possibilities are endless. With so many possible options to choose as a backing for your custom patch, it is important for you to fully understand what each backing has to offer. Some backings are permanent, whereas others are temporary. According to your needs, you will need to make sure which backing is the most suitable for you. 

Different Backings

Adhesive or Tape Backing

To re-vamp your outfit or accessories, the best option would be this easy to remove and temporary patch backing. Adhesive and tape backings make it easy for you to take off your clothes or wherever you have placed it and place it on a new place. Since this patch backing is so versatile, and user friendly, it has become the most popular option amongst the crowd. For those who love mixing and matching their patches on a daily basis, this backing would be the ideal and recommended option. Even though this backing is the most ideal choice for the majority, it comes with its disadvantages. It is a backing that cannot be used for extended periods of time,and it does not stick to every cloth and material.

If you want your customized patch to be your partner in –fashion- crime for a long time, the adhesive or tape backing patch will be your worst enemy. 

Velcro Backing

Velcro backings are another popular backing option for custom patches as they can be easily removed and are user friendly. All you will have to do is take off your current custom patch and attach the new one on the same place. Moreover, with this patch backing, it is possible for you to add more than one custom patch at a time. This way, you can make a statement! As compared to the durability of adhesive or tape patch backing, the Velcro ones are more durable and flexible. Patches4Less custom Velcro patches can help you live your custom patch dream to its fullest potential. 

All you have to be careful about is whether your Velcro is attached properly or not. Secure it properly once so you can rock it proudly always. 

Iron-On Backing

If you are looking for a quick and simple method of attaching your custom patch to your clothing, the iron on backing patch would be the ideal option for you. All you need to do is place the patch on the desired area of your clothes or accessories, cover it with a lightweight, damp towel (so you can prevent any scalding), and place the iron on top for 15 to 30 seconds. When the patch has fully clung onto its desired location, you know it is safe. The best part is that this method will allow you to secure this patch on almost any material. Custom patches with iron on backings are ideal for casual wear, but for ceremonies or other important events, these patch backings would not be recommended.

Similar to the Velcro patches, iron-on patches are relatively flexible and much more durable. They will stay secure in place for longer periods of time without causing any damage to the surface of your cloth. Keep in mind, when you are placing the hot iron on top of the patch, you must accompany it with a damp towel. 


For those looking for a –somewhat- permanent patch option, a no-backing patch would be the best. A no-backing patch does not have the same thickness or sturdiness as compared to a patch with a backing. These patches are thin because they are made to be sewed onto fabrics. The only way to apply this patch would be by stitching it onto your clothes as it has no other way of attaching to your fabrics. 

This patch option is good for those who want to keep their patch onto a specific place for a long time without having to move it around.

Plastic Backing

A patch with a plastic backing has an extra layer of support at the back. There is a piece of sturdy plastic attached to the back of the pack so it can provide support for the patch while it maintains its shape. With the extra layer of thick plastic attached to the back, you can be sure that your patch will stay flat as time goes on.

Because of the thick plastic at the back, the only way to attach this patch would be by stitching it onto your clothes or accessories.

Now that you have an idea of the different backings on your custom patch, make sure you are aware of what backing you are looking for so you can be provided with that to the fullest. Whether you choose to go for a temporary option or a permanent, make sure the design compliments what you are pairing it with. You can go for a minimal look or hipster, the options are endless. Just remember to embrace yourself while you are at it.

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