Getting Ready for a New Job: Everything from Style to Privacy

Getting Ready for a New Job: Everything from Style to Privacy

When you finally get your dream job, you want to get everything right, from your first-day outfit, down to your organizational skills. A new job in your dream career is the perfect time to be who you have always wanted to be. Forget New Year’s resolutions – this is the moment to bring a whole new you to life. To help you get ready for your new job and to nail that first impression, all you need is to follow this guide: 

Pick Out a Work-Ready Wardrobe 

Your work-ready wardrobe might very well be your entire wardrobe, or it might be three pieces total. It will depend on what the dress code is like at your new workplace and how well you have prepared for it in advance. By setting aside pieces that are appropriate for work and keeping them separate from the rest of your wardrobe, you can simplify the dressing process in the morning and work to fill in the gaps as you go along. Not only that but if you do this in advance, you can be more inventive with your outfit choices, allowing you to be the most stylish in the room through sheer creativity. 

Know in Advance what to Expect 

There are many ways to know in advance what to expect of the working culture. You can get in touch with someone you will be working with in the future, you can find someone who used to work there on a site like LinkedIn, or you can even find reviews for your company itself. This way, you can learn ahead of time what to expect in terms of the working environment right down to how to protect your privacy. If your new employer likes to hand out drug tests and you want to keep your health information private, then you will need to prepare for this. You can try getting a doctor’s exemption, for example, or you can invest in a synthetic urine kit that will keep your health private from your employer. After all, though it is illegal to discriminate based on genetics, you can never truly trust what happens to your DNA after you give it away. 

Prep Your Social Accounts and Digital Presence 

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to set up a few precautions online. This means first: 

1. Googling Yourself 

Google your name and try to find all the old accounts that relate to you. If they are not active or working towards improving your professional profile, then it is time to delete them. 

2. Restricting Social Media 

As for your active, private profiles, you will want to prep in advance so that you can accept friend requests from co-workers without compromising yourself. Even something you see as innocuous could result in a backlash at work, which is why it is safest to put co-workers into their own list and to restrict their profile until you can become genuine, out-of-work friends as well. 

Now that you have covered all these bases, you are ready to become a new you. Buy new notebooks, calendars, organizers, download podcasts for the commute – do whatever you need to finally become who you’ve always dreamed.  

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