How to Improve Your Career Prospects

How to Improve Your Career Prospects

Whether you’re stuck in a job you hate or looking to enter the world of work again after taking some time out, you may be worried about how you’re going to find a job that is suitable for you. Unfortunately, the twists and turns in life may mean that you have ended up in a job role that you’re just not passionate about, but this doesn’t mean that you’re going to face the same negative experiences in the future. If you have this mindset, you may be avoiding pushing yourself when it comes to applying for new career roles, which will hinder the opportunities available to you.

Taking a few simple steps to enhance your career growth may enable you to secure the job role you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve got some ideas on how to maximize your chances of improving your career prospects below:

Think about your current situation

Changing career paths doesn’t have to be an instant move. It could take a few months of reflection to work out where you are on the career ladder, how things are going for you and what you may like to try next. Changing careers is a huge decision and shouldn’t be one that’s made lightly. Thinking deeply about your position ensures you don’t make any hasty changes that could end up with disastrous consequences. 

Create a portfolio

If you have come to the decision that a brand-new career is on the cards, spend some time during the evenings and weekends to jot down your skillset, experiences, accomplishments,and goals to create a killer resume and portfolio for the job application process. If you’re looking to remain in the same industry, write a detailed account of any campaigns you have run, work you have completed or other tasks that you’re proud of that will make you stand out from the crowd during the interview.

If you’re struggling to think about what makes you unique and the type of skills you can offer, talk to a friend or family member who knows you well and come up with a list together. It’s often the case that others can describe you better than you could ever describe yourself.

Enhance your academic achievements 

If you’re looking to switch to a completely different career path, there’s a high likelihood you will need to gain some form of qualification to work in the sector. Not only this expand your knowledge-base but it will also increase your marketability as a candidate. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you could decide to go to study for a full-time degree qualification atuniversity. However, if you already have a job and can’t afford to quit, there are a vast amount of courses that can be studied online from the comfort of your own home, which isboth very affordable with the element of flexibility and can be worked around other commitments. If you’re interested in entering the healthcare sector, read more here about how you could benefit from studying work-from-home courses. 

Make use of social media

Most people waste hours and hours scrolling through social media in their spare time, but instead of browsing through endless meaningful posts, why not make use of this time by using social media for your job search? Many employers now take to social media sites such as LinkedIn to find local and nationwide talent, as a way of expanding their companies on a wider scale. 

Create a LinkedIn profile, update your skill set and experiences and ensure you state the type of career move you’re looking to make to get the right attention from prospective employersin the field.

People also use LinkedIn as a way of building relationships with individuals who may be willing to provide advice during your huge career change. Although they may not be able to give any immediate help, they may become a useful contact in forwarding upcoming opportunities to you and giving you some helpful hints on how to push forward.

Ask your employer for feedback

If you’re currently in a job that you’re not interested in, but believe that you have much more to learn there which could boost your career prospects, it may be wise to remain in your current job role until you’ve completed tasks that would be beneficial for adding to yourresume.

It would even be a good idea to talk to your boss about which areas they believe you struggle with and where you could improve. All this useful information could push you forward in terms of job progression; whether moving to a different company or acquiring a promotion at your current place of work.

Become an industry expert

If you really wish to improve your prospects in the job hunt, it would be wise to read up as much as you can about any news within your desired industry and any developments it issoon to face. Find out what it takes to get those all-important promotions and enhance your expertise by sourcing relevant and interesting information. Taking a bit of time to delve into the ins and outs of a new career route will provide you with essential tools needed to succeed in the industry and establish yourself as an ‘expert.’

Clean up your social media profiles

If you’re a keen social media user, there are possibly many occasions when your friends have uploaded photos of you at crazy parties during your university days, which may have been funny at the time and great to look back on, but unfortunately, won’t be helpful for making a professional impression upon entering the world of work. Most employers scan the social media profiles of applicants to see what they are able to discover about the individual, rather than browsing solely through a paper resume. Be sure that your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,and any other social media profiles are cleaned up and are appropriate for professional viewing, on the off-chance that a possible employer may go snooping.

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