How to Take Care of Your Beard

How to Take Care of Your Beard

If you have made the decision to grow a beard, then you have decided to take part in one of the most timeless trends in men’s fashion. Throughout history, beards have served various purposes as status symbols, fashion statements, and even as methods for keeping warm.

When it comes to the present day, however, you might not have taken into consideration just what it takes to adequately maintain your beard to avoid it growing into a disheveled and untamed mess.

Here are a few things that you can do to properly take care of your beard.

Use the Right Products

Seeing as how your beard is right there on your face for the entire world to see, it is important that you find and use the right products. Because it is hair, you will need to wash and shampoo your beard at least several times each week. Try going for a silicon-free shampoo and conditioner combo so as to avoid unnecessary build-up on the individual hairs. 

Finding the right conditioner is of the utmost importance as failure to keep your beard adequately hydrated could result in split ends. Split ends are not only unsightly, but they can be rather painful to comb through as well.

Another product that you will regret omitting from your beard-care regimen is beard oil. Beard oils can be found at and will not only keep your beard hydrated and healthy, but they can help prevent your facial skin underneath your beard from becoming dry and uncomfortable. 

Keep Things Tidy

It can be all too easy for your beard to start to look unkempt and messy if you don’t take the necessary time to trim and style it. Depending on the way in which your beard grows, you might need to pay particular attention to your neckline and cheekbones. 

The secret to a truly stylish beard is to make sure that you always have clean and distinct lines. Even if your goal is to grow your beard long, it is important to trim it as it grows out. Ultimately, if you fail to keep your beard trimmed and tidy, you risk ending up with a look that is less than desirable.

Become More Health Conscious

The key to maintaining healthy hair, whether it is on your head or on your face, is to make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle. The things you eat and the amount of water that you drink on a daily basis directly contribute to the health and appearance of your beard. 

If your goal is to grow out your beard, drinking enough water is critical. When you drink more water, all of your skin and hair cells benefit from the extra hydration. Your body will also be able to produce healthier cells overall. Furthermore, the more water you drink, the more hair your body will be able to grow. So, if you want a longer, fuller beard, drink up!

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