ICY ATLANTIS? New Satellite Images Reveal Mysterious Dome Structure Hidden in Antarctica.

ICY ATLANTIS? New Satellite Images Reveal Mysterious Dome Structure Hidden in Antarctica.

A HUGE structure has been discovered in Antartica – and it’s baffling scientists.

Conspiracy theorists insist that the Google Earth image proves the South Pole was once home to an ancient city.

The mysterious oval-shaped building can be seen from satellite images

The claims come just months after an image appeared to show a pyramid on Antartica

It appears to be 400ft across and man-made, with its discovery added to a mounting list of evidence which claims there could be a hidden city frozen underneath the surface.

Antarctica is largely uninhabited due to its freezing temperatures.

Scientists initially suspected the strange mound was sastrugi – sharp grooves formed on snow by strong winds.

But this phenomena normally has short, sharp, edges and themystery structure appears to be oval.

It comes just months after a huge pyramid-like shape was discovered on the freezing continent.

Rumours of a hidden city underneath the ice have been circulating for years.

Mystery as satellite detects MASSIVE object under Antarctica

Just last week scientists discovered a massive object lurking beneath frozen wasteland in Antarctica.

The huge and mysterious “anomaly” stretches for 151 miles across and could be buried 848 metres underneath the land.

Researchers were baffled by the discovery, which some people claim could be a evidence hidden civilisation with “traces of a human settlement underneath the ice” revealed in photographs released by Nasa.

Conspiracy theorists and even some scientists claim the freezing continent is actually the home of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis.

SCIENTISTS have discovered a series of gigantic structures buried deep beneath the Antarctic ice cap.

The mysterious “landmasses” are frozen beneath a surface that’s about half a mile thick.

Some of them are so massive they they are “comparable in height with the Eiffel tower”.

The discovery is likely to ignite wild speculation among people who believe Antarctica is home to UFO bases and is hiding the remains of a lost civilisation.

But the scientists who found the structures were more measured in their assessment of the discovery.


Artists impression of a doorway to Atlantis, which is claimed to be the lost city underneath Antarctica
A team from the Université libre de Bruxelle in Belgium said the structures were evidence of “water conduits and sediment ridges below the Antarctic ice sheet”.Essentially, this means there is a large network of tunnels and ridges frozen under the ice.It’s believed these natural formations contribute to the stability of the ice cap.

The gigantic landmasses “carve deep incisions at the bottom of the ice”, forming “scars”.

These relatively small marks are are the beginning of wider channels which grow in size “downstream” as the ice moves closer to the sea.

In places where the ice is floating above the ocean, the thin ice is a “weak spot when exposed to melting from the warmer” water beneath.

If scientists understand the processes which form these channels, they may be able to predict the effect climate change is having on ice caps.

But this sober assessment is unlikely to silence the chatter of people who firmly believe Atlantis is lurking beneath the ice.




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