Is Vaping the Right Alternative for Chain Smokers?

Is Vaping the Right Alternative for Chain Smokers?

Ever since its development and availability among the masses, there is a polarizing viewregarding vaping. Some people think that vaping is the ultimate substitute for conventionalcigarettes that has made the perils of smoking a non-issue. 

On the other hand, there is one group that thinks vaping could be more dangerous than traditional smoking. They are of the belief that people are not aware of all the underlying and hidden risksof vaping, as this nicotine consumption method is relatively new and still under research. 

We think that both groups have a hyperbolic opinion about vaping. There is no doubt that vaping has a lot of upsides that one can’t find with regular cigarettes. However, that doesn’t mean all is good and beneficial on the vaping front. Like any other device and paraphernalia, vaping devices also have their cons and downsides. 

In order to give a more objective overview of all those smokers who are thinking of switching to vaping, we are going to discuss both the benefits and downsides of using vape devices. With this information, you might be able to make the right decision. 

Benefits of Vaping 

Some of the undisputed benefits of vaping will be mentioned in the following discussion. 

No Combustion, No Tar 

People who are blazing dozens of cigarettes on a daily basis definitely experience a lot of benefits by switching to vaping. To begin with, vaping is entirely free of tar. Tar is a carcinogen produced when tobacco is combusted with a regular flame. It’s tar that makes chain smokers more susceptible to oral cancer. 

In vaping, the nicotine material (E-liquid) is heated through electricity, which entails no production of tar. Besides that, smoking cigarettes eventually mess up the sense of taste or smell of a smoker. Such side effects are not attributed to vaping. 

These benefits of vaping for smokers due to its intrinsic characteristics are also substantiated by different research studies. Here, we want to talk about a report furnished by the esteemed medical institute Royal College of Physicians that represents thousands of doctors all around the world. 

The Royal College has concluded that the harms associated with long-term use of vaping devicescan’t exceed more than 5% of the harms of regular smoking. In other words, vaping devices are 95% safer than regular cigarettes. 

It Doesn’t Facilitate Passive Smoking 

One of the pressing issues with cigarettes is that they also facilitate passive smoking. Smokersactually pollute a certain radius around them when they puff cigarettes. The combusted tobacco smoke is thick and therefore keep lingering the air for quite some time.  This results in inadvertent inhalation of the tobacco smoke by non-smokers. 

Vaping devices produce fumes instead of smoke, which readily dissolve in the air. So, non-smokers around a vaping device are less in the line of fire with passive inhalation. Chain smokers always get a lot of flak for tainting the environment with a bad odor. Vaping doesn’t have the repugnant tobacco and smoke odor of cigarettes. In fact, E-juices come in a wide variety of different aromatic flavors. 

In short, vaping doesn’t facilitate passive smoking nor does it use produces nauseating smells. 

One Can Control Their Nicotine Consumption 

At the end of the day, any chain smoker smoke cigarettes to satisfy his nicotine cravings. However, cigarettes packets usually don’t mention their nicotine values. So, smokers just continue to consume nicotine on impulse without knowing the actual amount getting into their bloodstream. 

By using vaping devices, one can keep a check on their level of nicotine consumption, which is the first step towards resolving the problem of nicotine addiction. Vaping cartridges or E-juices are available in different nicotine potencies. 

Any chain smoker can start with high-strength nicotine E-juices (to avoid withdrawals and relapses) and then gradually move to lower doses. E-juices with zero nicotine value are also available in the market. They can be used to elicit the placebo effect to combat nicotine cravings. 

In order to use vaping for all the right reasons, it is really important that one chooses the right vape device. It is true that using the right vape device with the right refills can help people in quitting smoking. 

Downsides of Vaping

There are also some downsides to the use of vaping and one should be aware of them to protect themselves from any harm. 

It’s Still a Developing Technology 

Vaping is still a new technology in relative terms. We still don’t have the data regarding the long-term use of vaping. The positives and negatives of any new technology only crop up with time. Therefore, we can’t state any benefit of vaping with utmost certainty. For that matter, it is always important to use vaping with caution particularly if you are using it as the substitute of smoking. However, hobbyists can take some liberty since they are not combating their nicotine dependency with it.

It’s Instant Use 

At first glance, the instant use of vape devices seems like a beneficial feature. However, that might not be the case, especially for chain smokers. The instant ‘one-touch’ use of vaping that is possible anywhere (since its fumes don’t remain suspended in the air) can unconsciously increase the nicotine dose of smokers. And this is not the outcome for which any smoker start vaping in the first place. 

It Can Be Expensive 

It is another factor where vaping might not look like a suitable option for chain smokers. High-quality E juices and cartridges don’t come cheap. Hobbyists can manage their vaping expensessince a single refill can work for them for weeks. 

However, chain smokers will need to buy a lot of E-liquid, particularly during the initial days. This definitely results in inflated expenses. Many smokers might give a second thought to vaping after assessing its recurrent expenses. However, it is possible to control the vaping expenses by buying the right vape device. So, try to pick the one.

All things considered, chain smokers can definitely experience benefits by switching to vaping, given that they use it with needed caution and diligence.

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