Perfecting Your Closet: How to Create a Unique Style

Perfecting Your Closet: How to Create a Unique Style

Your clothes reflect your personality. If you follow other people’s styles and magazine fashion trends, you will develop an unauthentic, average style that fails to stand out in a crowd.

If, however, you want to develop a jaw-dropping look that proves you’re a fashionista, you must take the time to develop a closet that reflects who you are. Find out how to create a unique style.

Flatter Your Body Shape

If you want to appear effortlessly stylish day-after-day, you must find clothing that flatters your body shape. While you might adore Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé’s style, they will both have hourglass figures, so you shouldn’t aim to replicate their looks if you have a diamond or triangle body shape.

For example, if you have a triangle body shape, wear clothing that draw the eye towards the top-half of your body, such as colorful t-shirts and blouses and statement necklaces. If, however, you have an hourglass figure, adorn figure-hugging clothing that will highlight your curves.

Tailor Your Clothing

A tailor should be every fashionista’s best friend. Not only can they tweak a garment to perfectly flatter your body shape, but they can also bring your fashion goals to life. For example, if you want to transform a plain jacket into an attention-grabbing garment, you could ask for a tailor to sew on vintage buttons. For a few dollars or more, you could create an inimitable look that people would pay good money to replicate. 

Invest in Custom Pieces

If you don’t want to wear jewelry you can find in many stores up and down the country, consider investing in customized pieces that complement your taste and will help you to develop a distinctive look. For example, you can turn to respected Fort Lauderdale jewelers to create bespoke rings, necklaces and earrings, which are sure to grab others’ attention.

Find Vintage Clothing

Instead of sifting through fashion magazines for clothing inspiration, head to a vintage store to discover stunning pieces you’re unlikely to find in retail stores. For example, you could discover a retro jacket that showcases your personality, or a beautiful dress you can guarantee your friends won’t be wearing at a wedding, party or a BBQ. 

Select Your Signature Color

Every fashion lover has a signature color. For example, Kim Kardashian has become synonymous with nude hues and a simple, timeless style, while Rihanna is partial to wearing red to ensure her look has the wow factor. 

To discover your signature color, consider the shades that complement your complexion and make you feel good when wearing them, as they will match your personality. You also don’t need to wear the color every day, but incorporating them into your closet can make the shades synonymous with your sought-after style.

If you are tired of wearing the same boring clothing each day and want to inject personality into your closet, consider the above tips to develop a look that sets you apart from others.

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