RH negative people are aliens, according to a theory. (Photo : Reuters)

Historians and genetic researchers recently uncovered a possibility that the current human population stemmed from Homo Sapiens and another mysterious species which may have caused some people to have a Rhesus Negative or RH- blood type.

Eighty-five percent of the world’s population is RH positive. The remaining 15 percent, which are RH negative, are concentrated in Europe. This set of people generally has higher intelligent quotients and are predominantly Caucasians. Thus, there are theories that a species related to Homo Sapiens may have risen in Europe and may have mated with Homo Sapiens later. They could be the origin of Caucasians.

Alien Theory

Alien researchers claim that creatures from outer space visited the Earth in the past. They mated with humans and produced RH negative people. According to this theory, RH is directly linked to Apes. The original group of RH negative people may have evolved from something else other than apes.

Biblical Theory

A biblical tale, set in modern-day Europe, tells a story of angels falling in love with humans and having children with them. The offsprings were called Nephilims. The Nephilim, described as pale, is compared to the Caucasians.

According to this theory, RH negative people embody strange qualities. This explains why the body of an RH positive mother rejects an RH negative child. A number of infant fatalities were attributed to this phenomenon, Your News Wire reported.

Scientific Theory

Science dismisses the existence of RH negative people as a natural occurrence in the evolution process. RH is defined by Science as the presence of Antigen D. Those who are RH positive possess Antigen D in their blood. RH negative people do not have Antigen D in their blood.

Antigens are produced by the body to fight bacteria. If an antigen not produced by the body is introduced to it, it will treat the antigen as its enemy. According to Science, this is the true reason why the body of an RH positive mother rejects an RH negative child, HitXP reported.