Scientists are building a DMT machine that will help them ‘talk to Aliens’

Scientists are building a DMT machine that will help them ‘talk to Aliens’

The human race has many significant questions surrounding our existence and the world beyond. “Do aliens exist”/ “Are we alone in the universe” is one of the more pressing questions, especially with the advancement of technology.

Egon Arenberg from Florida believes that DMT is the key to solving these mysteries.

Arenberg believes that hallucinations experienced during a DMT trip is actually a lens to the real reality we are not equipped to see in normal waking life.

After all, it took special tools to prove that radio waves and bacteria are real and in actual fact we see a dismal .0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum.

It doesn’t mean that those waves don’t exist.


Following this scientific paper, Arenberg hopes to build a ‘machine’ consisting of a DMT drip that will meter out the correct quantities of DMT into the bloodstream, taking a trip from 5 minutes to a potential 5 hours.

There will also be monitors measuring your heart rate and blood pressure during your trip.

So basically how anesthesiologists keep you sedated during surgery, only with the most powerful mind-altering substance known to man. Chilled!

Arenberg hasn’t started building the machine.

For now he is networking with people who can contribute knowledge and resources to his mission through his nonprofit, Noonautics.

Arenberg is most certainly not alone. Many people believe that psychedelic trips, especially those as powerful as DMT are in actual fact tools that lift the veil of perception and show us real realities beyond our current means.

Daniel McQueen from Boulder, Colorado is on the same mission as Arenberg, though with no affiliation.

Are these people just trippers or is there merit to their ‘madness?’

Either way, a DMT machine may be a reality soon and then we’ll know!


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