The Creepy True Story Of Elisa Lam.

The Creepy True Story Of Elisa Lam.

There are so many unsolved mysteries in the world, and Elisa Lam’s eerie death case is one that will probably be talked about for years to come!

On February 2013, twenty-one-year-old Elisa Lam who had been staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles went missing for two weeks. Later the hotel guests started complaining about a foul taste in the water and guess what they found out?

Elisa Lam was found naked and dead inside a covered water tank at the said Hotel on February 19, 2013. The L.A. Country Department of Coroner autopsy report states that her death was “accidental due to drowning” and that she was clear from any traces of drugs or alcohol, but there are still so many speculations surrounding her death. Is it paranormal, suicide or murder?

Her Bizarre Behavior in the Elevator Footage

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A security camera above the elevator was able to capture Elisa’s mysterious actions. The footage shows the student from Vancouver, Canada going to the elevator and pressing all the buttons. She then proceeded to wait, but strangely, the door of the elevator didn’t open. Elisa goes out of the elevator and starts to look around but suddenly goes back inside, peeking through the elevator as if she saw something or someone, and she was trying to hide from whoever she saw outside the elevator. She suddenly starts speaking and moving in a fast and very weird way. It isn’t seen in the video if she was talking to anyone or anything at all. After that, she suddenly proceeds to walk out of the elevator like as if nothing happened and then the elevator closes and started working again.

Who was she talking to? Was it a psychotic episode?

Shortly after the video footage, Elisa was able to go to the hotel rooftop water tank, and drowned in it. Her body was found 2 weeks later after her death. The creepy thing was that the hotel guests were able to taste and see the color of the water while Elisa’s body was in the water tank.

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The autopsy report left no traces of drugs or evidence of foul play. It leaves us with the many questions. Who or what did she see in the elevator? Was she having a psychotic episode? Or there is someone out there whom she can only see?

Creepy Similarity to a Horror Movie!


Another angle adding to the eerie Elisa Lam Case is its similarity to a 2005 Horror Movie called Dark Water. Dahlia’s character name was said to be inspired by the grim death of Elizabeth Short a.k.a. Black Dahlia in 1947. She was rumored to have stayed in Cecil Hotel the night before her death, which was said to be gruesome and ritualistic. In the movie, Dahlia moved in an apartment building with her daughter named Cecilia, which is of course near the hotel’s name.

Dahlia then sees very murky and dark water leaking in her bathroom coming from her ceiling. She later found out that a young girl Natasha Rimsky drowned in the building’s rooftop water tank. Very similar to how Elisa Lam’s undiscovered body in the water tank caused hotel guests to complain about the foul tasting “black water”

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Yet another eerie similarity is in the ending. The elevator also malfunctions, with the ghost of Dahlia braiding her daughter’s hair.

The coincidences on the names, the rooftop tank drowning, and elevator malfunctioning – is her death a ritualistic one?

Gruesome Hotel History


The Cecil Hotel was built in the 1920’s. It is located in Skid Row is a 54-block area in downtown Los Angeles that has become synonymous with homelessness, poverty, and crime.

Multiple suicides have been reported in Cecil Hotel, from the 50’s and 60’s. It seems that the windows are often used as a way to commit suicide. Some of the suicide cases include Helen Gurnee, a 50’ish woman who leaped to her death from the 7th floor in 1952 and Julia Moore, a 27-year old who committed suicide by jumping from the 8th floor in 1962.

There’s also the case of Pauline Otton who leapt from one of the windows after an argument with her ex-husband. She landed on George Gianini, a 62-year old passerby, 90 feet below. The impact killed both of them instantly.

“Pigeon Goldie” Osgood, a resident of the hotel and a retired telephone operator, (known for feeding and protecting pigeons nearby) was also stabbed, strangled and raped in the on June 4, 1964.  His room was ransacked and the crime is unsolved to this day.

Serial killers are also a part of Cecil Hotel’s dark history: Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger.

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Ramirez, a death row convict now, was a resident of the hotel. Known as “the Nightstalker”, he preys on the transients of the building. In 1985, He went unnoticed as he killed and stalked his 13 female victims.  According to Richard Schave, a tour guide, Ramirez dumps his bloody clothes at the dumpster after his gruesome crime in the evening and passes by the back entrance.

Jack Unterwerger was another serial killer. He was a crime journalist for an Austrian Magazine covering Los Angeles crimes. He paid homage to Ramirez by re-enacting his crimes. While staying at the hotel, he was believed to have killed 3 prostitutes. – Guardian Liberty Voice

The Cecil Hotel is known for many tragedies and secrets and Elisa Lam’s case is certainly an addition to the hotel’s gruesome history.

Another Parallelis

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Yet another parallelism came out. After Elisa Lam’s Body was discovered,  an area in Skidrow near the hotel was plagued with tuberculosis. The name of the test kit for these situations was LAM-ELISA. What an alarming coincidence!

More Unanswered Questions

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In June 2013, LA authorities have officially reported that there was no foul play and that Elisa Lam was “probably bipolar”. If this was true, how could Elisa have gone up the hotel’s water tank while it has difficult access?

The rooftop area is said to be protected by an alarm system and the water tank is very hard to reach. How could Elisa have reached that area, and more so, how could she have closed the lid by herself?



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