Tips To Wearing Rings For Every Occasion

Tips To Wearing Rings For Every Occasion

Wearing a ring enhances the look of your hand and makes it look prettier. It’s a fashion statement. Rings allow you to make a statement without saying a word. Moreover, wearing a ring, just like any other jewelry, has a rich tradition, too. Nonetheless, some people are still not aware of the finer points of ring wearing etiquette. 

Here are some tips for wearing rings for every occasion:

1.      Classic Rings Are Timeless.

A ring is not just a simple accessory. It gives away a lot of things about you. It sometimes reveals your commitments, achievement, and beliefs. This is what classic rings are all about. Now, what makes a ring classic depends on the way it was made, the quality of materials, and the ability to wear it with almost everything. 

Here are different kinds of classic rings that you can wear with almost everything: 

● Wedding rings

● Class rings

● Fraternal rings

● Fashion rings

● Engagement rings

2.      The Size of the Ring Matters.

The size of a precious stone and the clarity signifies your wealth and power. The bigger the size of the precious stone and the clarity of the gem indicate its superior quality and therefore, a person of substantial wealth. 

3.      The Placement of the Ring Has A Connotation.

The placement of the ring also provides meaning. For example, a wedding ring is always placed on the left hand, ring finger. But, why is this so? While both hands are acceptable for wearing your rings on, a person’s culture and/or religion may influence the connotation of the placement of one’s ring. 

Here are the common connotations of ring placement: 

● Right Hand – This is more often used since it has greater visibility and represents the active hand, symbolizing work and activity           ​

● Left Hand – This represents character and beliefs and emotion

● Pinky Finger – This shows a flashy character. In astrology, our little finger is thought to represent a persuasive character  

 ● Fourth Finger –  This symbolizes marriage. It is widely accepted as the wedding finger, traditionally.

● Middle Finger – Mostly worn by males

● Index Finger –  Used for class rings, fraternal rings, family or membership crest

● The Thumb –  A sign of wealth and power (in some cultures), interaction or friendship, and ideal when wearing multiple rings at the same time

4.      Wearing Bold Fashion Rings On Occasions.

The thing with bold fashion rings is that it doesn’t just go with any finger or occasion. With bold fashion rings, you need to wear it on the hand without the wedding ring on. Moreover, it’s usually placed on the middle or ring finger. For a majority of celebrities and models, they have it on their pinky or index finger.

Usually, Bold Fashion Rings are worn on parties, special events, and celebrations. But now, many women use it during the day, too. Sometimes maximalism is better than minimalism. So, go with whatever you feel like wearing even during the day. If you want to make yourself look more dressy on a normal day, you can still wear bold fashion rings. Do whatever feels right for you. 


5.      Your Ring Needs To Match Your Outfit.

Wearing the same colored jewelry with your outfit will highlight the color scheme and formality of your entire outfit. Thus, it’s important that your rings go well with your fashionable wardrobe

Match the colors of your accessories with what you’re wearing. For example, if your earrings are gold, it’s advisable that your necklace is gold, too. With a formal outfit, wear a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings have larger stones than average rings. Since it has larger stones on it, it will go with the dressy look you’re sporting. Just match the grandeur of your outfit to the jewelry you are wearing.

Anything goes with a casual look. You can wear a simple ring with a stone and you can wear rings that stack together. There are some stackable rings you can buy in a similar style. But, don’t forget to balance the rings you put on your fingers by spacing them out evenly. If you have too many rings on, it might look too crowded, and you don’t want your fingers to look verycluttered. Keep it clean and balanced.



Ultimately, choose something that reflects your personal style. It may be a larger piece if you’re going for a dramatic fashion or delicate smaller simple ones if you’re going for minimalist and clean lines. 

You just have to be confident enough to wear any ring, and it’ll just go with your look.

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