Viktor Schauberger – The Trout Turbine – Free Energy by Imploding

Viktor Schauberger – The Trout Turbine – Free Energy by Imploding

Free energy by imploding. The findings of Viktor Schauberger – The trout turbine

The 2. Thermodynamic law of physics says, that a closed physical system can not proceed without an external intervention from a state of lower order in a state of higher order. This rate, also known as entropy, says, that there can be no perpetual motion machine. Each physical process automatically goes into a lower state of order on, taking heat from the state with the lowest order, dh. the largest entropy, is. According to the law of entropy, it is impossible, convert thermal energy into mechanical or electrical energy. All conventional machines, based on the principle of combustion and the transformation of higher forms of energy into heat energy, increase the entropy, dh. the clutter and chaos in the world. Thus, the prognosis is the conventional science, that the universe will die a heat death, If all the higher forms of energy such as kinetic energy to its lowest order condition has been attributed.

Viktor Schauberger

An outsider research, the Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger, decades observer of nature and came to the conclusion, that nature is the perfect Perpetuum Mobile is, because they are considered self states of higher order – Organisms – produced.

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) war Naturphilosoph, Inventor and pioneer of “free energy”, The free energy machine. He developed a completely new concept of nature, energy and, ultimately, the awareness. As a forester, he watched again and again the nature, to find out, how does the nature, like growth, Movement and life arise. From this he developed a natural technology, which is built quite differently from the conventional technology. He designed equipment for the generation of energy or moving, without the fuel worked and neither caused nor exhaust noise. These devices – such as the trout turbine, which is based on the functioning of the gills of a trout – natural and merely copied the work on the basis of a specific movement of water or air.

His understanding of water, Air and earth made him an opponent of the established science and technology, and he always pointed out again, that today’s technology, as well as modern agriculture, of Hydraulic Engineering and Forestry, nature more and more trash. He opposed this technique naturunrichtigen its biotechnology, the media air, Soil and water quality improved and refined. He developed methods for Edelwasserherstellung, for soil improvement, for growth- and quality of crops and for the restoration of rivers and forests.

With its technical developments, but also with his fundamental understanding of nature Schauberger is more current view of the present environmental situation of the earth than ever. Here, his discoveries, not only in the practical work of its ecological significance, but also in the deep ecology, mainly the change of consciousness in man, envisaging. Especially, the cognitive and emotional understanding of natural processes, one’s own attitude towards the world around, awareness of the beauty and genius of nature are encouraged by the study of Schauberger and placed on a natural basis.


Explosion and implosion

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Today’s technology works on the heat- and the principle of explosion. The best example is the internal combustion, by high quality raw materials – Mineral oils from the depths of the earth – burned, so in order to generate an explosion overpressure, of the piston moves. The crude oil continues to show entwicklungsfreudiger Berger is a commodity, dh. a substance, the need for living structure on Earth. Oil consists of dead animals, the millions of years of light- and storage of air inside the earth and then turn very slowly. They provide raw materials, which are energetically responsible, that the Earth retains its strength and growth is possible. Today’s technology destroys these raw materials in the combustion, order to gain kinetic energy to. This combustion produces toxic fumes and noise, and consumes the energy budget of the earth necessary materials.

Today’s technology is due to a destruction and on the so-called pressure principle. The internal combustion engine by pressure moves the piston, The pressure turbine producing electricity, the propeller or the propeller produce movement by recoil, with the hydraulic loads to be lifted, the splitting of atoms generates heat and pressure. All these methods are based on explosive or centrifugal principles and contribute strukturvergrössernd-or. auflösend. The structure leads to increase pressure and a friction, which in turn passes into heat energy. All conventional machines are lost through the resistance to movement, grows in a square to accelerate, 50-70% ihrer investierten Leistung. Apart from the destruction of the raw materials used is such a bad performance, of course, hugely expensive.

Schauberger put this destruction technology now meet an entirely different method. His observations of nature that nature works for the life-building after Zugprinzip. In nature, there is both the principle and the pressure Zugprinzip. The pressure principle does dissolve, destructive and the dissolution of dead organisms (Plants, Tierkadaver etc.) gebraucht; The astringent effect Zugprinzip, Building; plant growth, Animals and humans based on the Zugprinzip and the related implosion.

The implosion is the opposite of explosion, and acts strukturverkleinernd, verdichtend. This condensation leads to a decrease of frictional resistance and a cooling. Thermal energy is thus in higher forms of energy – Bewegungs-, Wachstums-, Life Energy – changed and thus the entropy is called into question.

The law of entropy applies to closed systems. This fine detail in
The formulation of 2. Thermodynamic law of thermodynamics is crucial. Only in closed systems, this law applies. That today’s physics is not in a position, to think in open systems, gives rise to the dogma of the sentence. The question arises, if nature is a closed or open system.

Schauberger observed in nature, in the movement of water and air, The growth forms of plants and animals and certain inexplicable phenomena such as. the Standforelle again the vortex- or spiral. The spiral is already mathematically an open system, located between the two poles of zero and infinity moves without ever having to reach. Die Spiralform und die aus ihr ableitbaren Ei-, Drop- and cup shapes are the basic mapping principles in nature. All life comes from the egg (in the case of animals and humans, forms of plants and seeds) or the cup (in the case of plants) clear. If you look closely, finds the egg shape in the outline of many trees, in the shape of our head, and in many other everyday phenomena.

“In nature there are no straight lines”, was a remark made by Schauberger. Shopping, Shaft, bent and curved shapes, the heart shape, The kidney-shaped, The irregular and asymmetric are the characteristics of life.

Our blood, for example based on the principle of the spiral coiling of the blood. Through this involution again the aforementioned compression of the medium, it creates a vacuum and the medium takes on drawing properties. Today’s Presentation, in the heart if it were a pressure pump, is an erroneous assumption by Schauberger. The little heart could never express the viscous blood into the finest capillaries of the hands and feet and through the entire huge circulation. In fact, prevail here Zugphänomene. Due to the spiral motion gets the blood – just like the water in the streams and rivers – one driving axle centreline. The light- and here is a necessary condition of air, how well any contact with oxygen in the blood must be avoided, not bring about a fatal embolism.


Schauberger had observed this phenomenon in the brooks and speak in this context not only for the carrying- and drag force of water, in the healthy, Condition mittransportieren naturrichtigen the debris in the stream bed can, but also by its self- and increase strength. As is known in the school science, has the water at 4 ° C, The anomaly point, its greatest density and thus its maximum carrying capacity. Naturrichtig running water moving closer and closer to the point anomaly, dh. Heat is consumed and converted into water movement or growth. Growth is practically the result of the implosion, densification of the structure. Naturrichtig flowing water flows in eddies, Shaft, Strudeln. Every stone in the creek bed, the water swirls one, and the axle centreline of the spiral processes take place, with the mechanistic world view can not be explained or understood. Spiral- Hyperbelformen and only with a non-Euclidean mathematics described and it is surprising and significant at the same time, that today’s mathematics and physics describes virtually no non-Euclidean structures. The non-Euclidean mathematics ekes out an underdeveloped existence on the margins of the institutes. To date, there are the official school science no formula for calculating the Egg. Only Walter Schauberger, Mechanical engineer and son of Viktor Schauberger, has, together with the mathematician Trusnitz the formulas for the calculation of hyperbole and egg shapes and combined them into a consistent non-Euclidean mathematics (see: Tattva Viveka No.. 10, Claus Radlberger: The hyperbolic cone).

In the mental axle centreline of the spiral is now room for Viktor Schauberger- and massless forces committed in the matter. These forces are metaphysical Zustandsart. For Viktor Schauberger’s life is a phenomenon, the material goes beyond the level. Life comes from a metaphysical, spiritual dimension and manifests itself in the growth and the bodies of living creatures. He also saw in the planet earth a living being, and the water he described as the blood of the earth. Would be noted in this context, that the planetary motion of the Earth also describes a double spiral. As the sun set at a center in the galaxy (the Pleiades) moves, is the orbit of the earth around the sun does not circle- or elliptical orbit, but an open spiral. Together with the self-rotation, this forms a double spiral. So here we find again the key structure for the life spiral movement. The implosion of the building movement Schauberger now discovered yet a dynamic energy: The Levitationsenergie. As a counterpart to the implosion explosion, the levitation is the counterpart to the gravitational. Not only gravity and weight, we find in nature, but also buoyancy and elevation. That is the reason, why the trees grow upwards, why we walk upright, why we can move our bodies so easily. The circulation generated Levitationskraft; as well as the planetary motion of the earth in the balance holds, get our body through the blood- and juices movement a boost. The growth and body mass is in this sense, the brake, to keep our mind-body unity in the unstable equilibrium. Without a body, we would immediately go back to nirvana, as Schauberger writes.

This Levitationskraft we now come to the crux of the free energy, Schauberger as they apply in the trout turbine.

The trout turbine

Naturrichtige by a movement of the media Levitationsphänomene water or air can be machine-generated. Here, the media will be refined and purified.

The discovery Levitationskraft Viktor Schauberger, as he watched the trout. The Standforellen are able, stand motionless in torrential mountain streams and to feed “unemployed” to be floated in the mouth. During spawning season they overcome meter-high waterfalls, to reach the spawning grounds in the headwaters to. If the tremble in the stream trout standing, flee rather than downstream, how would suspect the mechanistic trained mind, but upstream, against the current. They achieve this with a very high speed flash. Schauberger asked again and again, how this is possible. A trout, The pulling on the hook with the flow, stifled even. What forces work here?

The trout take up water through his mouth and lets it escape through the gills again. In the gills are thousands of microscopic rails, the water into a strong rolling in bringing. With the participation of certain trace elements localized in the gills, the water is energized and “Neuwasser youth” up. This juvenile water has different physical properties than the creek water and it comes to reactions. The teardrop shape of the fish body floats in a cloak of such reactions, like a counter to the flow of the stream contribute. Through the regulation of the trout gill may then either standing motionless or swimming upstream instantly. In the thousands of implosions are rolling in the water (Neuwasserentstehung) and released Levitationsenergien. Schauberger refers to this as a soul band, that goes from the mouth to the source. This soul band is the flow of Levitationsenergie, conversely, the water flows to the river. Recent studies have shown, that the length of a river is always 3.14 times as long as the distance from source to mouth (3,14 Pi =). The entire river, therefore, forms an organic unity, which is obviously shaken by artificial dams or straightening.

The trout is using this Levitationsfluß and is thus in the flow or floats in water falls to the top. The same phenomenon we have in the birds, be generated by the springs where millions of tiny vortices, take the bird in a boost of energy. Schauberger called this phenomenon “biological vacuum”, generated by the compression of the air. This biological vacuum is formed above the bird’s body and makes him so the flight. Schauberger used to say, that the birds do not fly, but will be flown. The fish does not swim, but will be swum.

The trout turbine copied these phenomena. Schauberger developed a so-called “Mäanderscheibe”, a circular copper plate with a corrugated profile like it has a water surface, aufgetroffen is just a drop or on a stone. A second plate was reversed on (with. Abb.). The water has now started up in the middle of the space between the rotating Mäanderscheiben. Through the combination of axial and radial motion in the wave profile doppelspiralförmige he reached a turning of the water. The water then entered on the edge of the Mäanderscheibe and was in double swirl tubes (with. Abb.) eingeleitet. They had a conically tapered section, a specifically egg-shaped profile and a spiral twist. The pipes themselves were again spiraling out of the machine rolled on the axle centreline. The water was brought into a centripetal direction of movement. The combination of these forms of movement Schauberger reached a prevalence of Zugenergie, the effect, inter alia,, that water was continuously sucked from the bottom, So the water after a first offense by a starter gradually went from self-circulation. The profile and the spiral shape of the pipes copied the natural flow and movement of water caused by a decrease of frictional resistance, who eventually became negative, So pulling properties assumed. In the area of pulling force acts, according to Schauberger no

longer the square to accelerate growing resistance, but to the square of the accelerating growth in output. The end of the involution of the water formed a centrifugal arrangement of the tubes, where a nozzle in the form of a

lag screw (with. Abb.) das Wasser mit großem Druck auf eine Turbinenleitschaufel abstrahlte. On the kinetic energy turbine could then be coupled. Schauberger described these devices as living machines, because they copied the natural structure. They worked on the basis of a rhythmic interplay of pressure a
nd train, They pulsated, why he called them, and also Repulsine Repulsator. Early Development, which went down in history as a flying disc (with. Abb.), had a gill replica ring made of aluminum, the turbulence in the air caused in this case used. The Levitationsenergie caused a soar of the disc. Total Schauberger developed on the basis of this principle Implosionsmaschinen to produce energy, Aircraft, Ships and submarines, as well as heating and lighting.


Occult themed people today spreading the theory, that the Nazis had flying saucers after Schauberger Principle, with which they have fled, others claim, The UFOs were working according to this method. This unprovable stories are not at stake here. The fact, Look at that Berger has dedicated his entire life to the construction of these machines, But so often attacked, was robbed, and impeded, that so far, pending the clear evidence for the functionality of the devices. Schauberger himself kept his design secrets to himself, and his models were destroyed by jealous and greedy representatives from business and politics due to improper treatment or short, stolen. That fate befell him with the Nazis, as well as with the Americans and corporations such as Siemens and Messerschmidt. At that time, the time was not ripe for his progressive discoveries. Already in the fifties, he warned of the dangers of nuclear power and the destructive unnatural treatment of land and water. His son, Walter has already started in the fifties, the “Green Front”, an ecological movement in Austria. Today, only the awareness of the ecological problems of our fire- and explosion technology has grown so far, that novel approaches to meet with open ears. Schauberger is so novel, that it takes a tremendous spirit of openness in, to understand him. That, which could then be weggeleugnet in the thirties and forties, even, can no longer be denied. The work Schauberger is now known worldwide and has recently experienced a renaissance. Perhaps the time is now ripe for these things. The research and technical development of these machines is a daunting task, will cost much money and time. Before, however, does not develop the necessary awareness of a new view of nature and the physics of nature, mechanical engineering, any attempt to manufacture such devices be condemned to failure. First, we must put ourselves into the minds of Viktor Schauberger, his posthumous writings and drawings to study again and again, until we reach the inner essence of nature and of life to understand. In any case, the record Mountains Generic knowledge provides an approach for a technology for 3. Millennium.

At the end of a quote from Schauberger was given, to the reader not to keep the original. We strongly recommend the study of original texts, from the above sources can be found at the end. To “Todestechnik” he writes: “The dance in these activities but excludes the energy technician. Coal, the bread of the earth, and, where it still exists in sufficient, das Wasser, their blood, provide for the extraction of energy. A few decades before digging into this man accidentally found riches. Triebwasser, the less and less and less of his works is, always be huge disasters on Earth, because her man is the carbon – their bread -, das Wasser – their blood – stole. Unentwegt arbeitet der Mensch aber weiter und immer größer wird sein Elend.” (cited by: Olof Alexandersson, Living water, S. 90f.)




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