What to Bring for the Perfect Fall Road Trip

What to Bring for the Perfect Fall Road Trip

Autumn is a fantastic time to see what adventures different countries have in store; in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, observations by tourism analysts point to the fact that Autumn has been on the way to becoming the new “high season” for travel. It really comes as no surprise that this would be the case; Autumn is when foliage takes on a spectacular color palette, and the temperature traipses the line between pleasantly warm and nippy in the middle of the season. Not to mention, a substantially decreased number of tourists now that summer is over. The harvest festivals and other activities are found all over the local towns, but the outer roads hold mysteries waiting to be solved by the more adventurous types.  But first, knowing what to pack is essential in achieving the perfect fall road trip.  

Fall-Weather Clothing 

Fall is all about layering scarves, wraps, and beanies to suit the changes of temperature. Even if the weather reports claim a cool breeze, make sure to pack both light and scarves.  A great look for fall is cool, earthy tones that complement the mood of the surroundings. Patterns that imitate the autumn foliage are also aesthetically appropriate. Not to mention, you can combine fashion and functionality as scarves are a great way to avoid over packing because they can provide warmth while only taking up a small amount of space, but since Autumn can sometimes bring on cold fronts, packing a light jacket would be advisable along with scarves, mitts or gloves. During cold days, dark hoodies help a lot with capturing what little sunlight might be available; They also work great to compliment the somber mood of fall.

Choosing A Reliable Ride

When choosing a ride for your road trip, a good rule of thumb is to keep it compact and compatible for rough terrains. Most local roads in Italy are narrow and Italian cars are tailor-made to fit through such roads. However, the same concept applies to off-the-beaten-track roads, which can amount to little more than dirt paths running through dense walls of foliage. There’s also the factor of reliability as you don’t want your vehicle to break down somewhere far from auto shops and gas stations. So, finding a reliable SUV for your road trip should also be adaptable to most road situations – both on and off. Travel overland is usually easy in the autumn, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a dependable vehicle that can last in extreme weather.

Packing Must-Bring Gear 

Travel gear may take up space, but some things are better to have and not need than the former.. Most of this depends on your itinerary, but here are a few general tips: space-savers such as packing cubes are invaluable. Solid toiletries instead of liquid are easier to pack and compress while extra power sources such as solar-charged power banks are great for keeping your devices juiced. Hikers and trekkers are well-advised to bring a wide-brimmed headdress to protect the face and neck from sunburn, especially in the beginning of Autumn when the temperatures still haven’t dropped significantly. Physical maps for when your WiFi or GPS breaks down and a trusty compass when strolling through outdoor trips. Always bring an extra rope and carabiners for when you intend to hike, rock climb, or on-hand for emergency situations.

Autumn is hailed by many as one of the best seasons for road trips due to its tranquil mood and less tourist traffic. Hopefully, the above advice has given you a good idea on how to achieve your perfect road trip this fall.

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