Why Dress Hire Is The New Trend This Year

Why Dress Hire Is The New Trend This Year

Any woman can’t have too many dresses at once. No matter how many dress pieces they have in their wardrobe, they’ll always need something else for the occasion. For women who can afford new fashion pieces, they’re more likely buying dresses that cost quite a fortune. However, women on tight budgets tend to avail of clothing during sales, discounts, and thrift apparel. Seemingly, a new fashion trend is going crazy today: rental clothing. This involves adding new clothing pieces to your wardrobe temporarily by renting them.

Millennials today are hooked into the “no repetition” attitude towards clothing and attire, so wearing the outfit-of-the-day can’t be the outfit-of-the-day for the following days to come. While this approach is partly extravagant and non-economical, mid-range retailers found clothing rentals as the best method to answer the demand. With more and more people getting reached by dress hire services, why is it the new trend this year?

Lend Clothes to Earn Money

In the rental clothing marketplace, a person looking for an outfit and another who may not have enough space for their clothes can meet and connect. Rental clothing isn’t only advantageous for people looking for affordable and temporary outfits. It’s also a setting for people who want to earn extra money by lending their clothes. If you’re looking for additional allowance, then rental clothing services can be your companion by making money using The Volte dress hire services.

Highlighting the popular “one day and done” outlook in fashion, some people tend to purchase new clothes and only use them once. Others get quickly tired of mixing and matching their outfits. Through rental clothing services, you can become a lender of clothes and somehow compensate for a fraction of the clothing’s original price. This technique opens a door for the sharing economy to take place with the context of fashion, giving more priority to collaborative consumption than personal consumption. As the owner of the clothes being rented, the rental service receives a commission for showcasing it to a broader network, and interested people who want to rent your clothes get to “share” it with you for a lower price. Aside from specified clothing rentals, there are various top sharing economy sites to make money from.

Supports Sustainable Fashion

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that textile, leather, and rubber account for 8% of the municipal solid waste in the whole country every year. Thus, an average American throws away 81 lbs. of clothing each year, which ends up in oceans and landfills instead of being completely recycled. Despite this environmental crisis, people still seem to overlook their impending effects. People’s materialistic values combined with the fashion industry’s desire to produce multiple types of clothing are contributing factors to the innumerable pieces of clothing produced each year, where only half are saved from being immediately disposed.

If rental clothing continues to trend among millennials, it could be the start of a more sustainable fashion practice that can create positive impacts on the environment. Resource agencies in different countries created a new business approach that reduces textile use in clothing, diminishing carbon dioxide emissions from textile industries, thus giving clothes a longer service life through rental clothing. By following this model, some clothing lines have established the sharing economy and collaborative consumption. Other high-end brands rent out expensive clothes for a lower price, and customers can choose to keep, swap, or return them.

Indeed, the future of fashion could be through dress hires.

Slay Your Outfit while Saving Money

On the other hand, it’s time to look at the perspective of the buyer. Everyone wants to have a fashionable wardrobe containing the most basic to magnificent pieces. The trend of fast fashion and unrepeated OOTDs made people buy a lot of clothes, which would later be disposed of as they wouldn’t like wearing them again. This is a massive waste of money that could be prioritized for other matters instead of purchasing these clothes.

Through dress hires, people can access top-of-the-line, premium quality clothes in multiple varieties, styles, and makes. Among the various dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes to choose from, you can undoubtedly find the perfect outfit for you. Aside from wearing branded high-quality clothes for just a fragment of the price tag, you’ll surely look the best while wearing them.

Saves More Shopping Time

Admit it: you take too much time in shopping for the best clothes that you can get from clothing stores. Some even experience shopping addiction, which can be uncontrollable and expensive. Due to thousands of choices, you encounter a difficult time in choosing the best one that can give your money’s worth. Sometimes, the perfect dress you’ve chosen suddenly doesn’t have your size. Some people even pick clothes hastily due to the lack of time in exploring other options. 

Through dress hires, busy people can save more time for guilt-free shopping. Instead of wasting time choosing the best piece of clothing, you can alternatively visit rental clothing services that offer a wide range of options that you can quickly sort out. Moreover, some rentals even curate exclusive sets of clothing that can be rented as the whole outfit. You can choose whichever piece you want and have it delivered the same day.


The fashion industry has created something new and more sustainable. Hopefully, if consumers engage in this new approach, both manufacturers and customers will benefit from a cheaper, more convenient, and more sustainable fashion industry. The potential of dress hires can be limitless, as long as both parties contribute to making it effective, and preventing further destruction of the environment. After all, the clothes that people throw away create challenges that both humanity and the environment will suffer. 

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