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Feeling paranoid? Good! Illumination is on the other side of absolute terror, and the only terror that is truly absolute is realizing you can’t believe anything you’ve ever been told.

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You’ve worked hard on creating your music, your art. Now use the capitalist economic system we find ourselves in against itself, putting the earning power of your brand to work for you! Generate income by maximizing your brand’s earning potential via high-end cutting edge merch, so you can concentrate on your art the way you want to.

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Support and fund your favorite artists by buying ultra high quality exclusive merchandise created especially for them and their brand. Put your money directly into their pockets and allow them to continue creating the art and music you love, unabashed and unhindered by capitalist realities. Have a look, there’s probably something you can’t live without! 

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Only the insane are absolutely certain.

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Support Music and Artists

Fnord Clothing gives artist and musicians the opportunity to offer top-of-the-line exclusive merchandising without coming out of pocket, allowing them to earn from the brand they’ve worked so hard to create.

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